Table 10- How to choose your wedding bouquet

Posted on 03 November 2014


A guide to choosing the right bouquet for your special day 

Flowers have formed a part of wedding ceremonies since Roman times and today flowers still play a major part of the wedding and the reception. Although more and more I hear brides saying they are not particularly fussy to have flowers as table centrepieces, it would be considered almost incomplete if flowers of some kind were not used at the ceremony.



Once you have set your wedding date, you should check which flowers are in season. If you have a favourite bloom and you definitely want to use it in your bouquet, you should set your date when the particular flower is in season.  Some seasonal flowers are available at other times but they can be quite expensive. If you are keeping a tight budget it’s advisable to use seasonal flowers. 


Colour is also something to consider when setting your date. Certain colour flowers may  be available during certain seasons. Tulips, Lilac, Hyacinth, Lily of the Valley and Muscari are all available in spring. 

Delphinium, Agapanthus, Sweet Pea, Hydrangea and Peony are summer flowers.  

Sedum, Nerine, Zinnia, Hypericum and Gladioli are more available in the autumn. 

While winter flowers include Eucharis, Amaryllis, Hellebore,  Ranunculus and Anemone. 


There are a number of year round flowers which are  wedding favourites including Rose, Calla Lily, Gerbera, Stargazer lily, Anthurium, Dendrobium Orchid, Bouvardia, Carnation, Lisianthus and Freesia.


So all in all you have lots of choice by way of colour and bloom. If you want a particular coloured flower or you want to find out when  your particular flower  is in season you can log on to The Flowers and Plants Association website at



Beautiful Bridal Bouquets


Shapes and Styles

If you are unsure of the shape or style of bouquet to choose, you would need to think of the shape and style of your dress.

You will more than likely have bought your wedding dress by the time you are choosing your bouquet, but it would be wise to think of the style of the bouquet you would like when selecting your dress. What you wear on your big day will hugely influence the style of bouquet you should choose.

A Shower bouquet is best for taller brides or brides with fuller figures wearing full skirted gowns with a train.

An Over arm or presentation bouquet is more suited to slender, slimmer figures with long, slinky dress styles with detail.

Trailing bouquets tend to suit tall figures as the eye is drawn downwards. Trailing bouquets suit A-line, Princess gown with long flowing trains.



Tear –Drop bouquets are best suited for fuller figures with traditional dress shapes such as A-line skirts that flare from the waist.

Pomanders are best suited to petite figures and go very well with short or tea length dresses. Pomanders suit 50@s style skirts and halter neck dresses.

Hand tied or a posy suit medium height and builds and is still the most popular bouquet and suits most dress styles, particularly A-Line.

Look out for our Step-by-Step flower Time line where we will advise on who and where you need flowers and when and how to start planning.


Expert advice from personal wedding consultant Jennifer Hippolyte.

Jennifer is a personal wedding consultant with over 15 years experience in the hospitality, events and wedding industry.  Jennifer is the founder and owner of Beyond Expectations Wedding Services and has helped hundreds and brides and their families plan their wedding day.

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