Please Take Your Seat: All About Escort Cards

Posted on 17 May 2015

All About Escort Cards

Planning a wedding can catapult you into a whole new world of terms and phrases you've never heard of before, and one of those new terms is escort cards.

They're very popular in the US, but some of our UK brides are completely oblivious to the idea of escort cards or they're not quite sure what separates them from place cards. They're both used to help your guests find their seats right? Sure! But they're actually quite different...


White Tent Escort Cards



So what are escort cards?

Think about escort cards as a place card, seating plan hybrid. They're little cards with your guests name and table number that inform your guests which table they're to be seated at during the reception. This is a great way to avoid the kerfuffle of dozens of excited and hungry guests stumbling over each other and crowding around a table plan trying to find their seats.


Ferrero Rocher Escort Cards

But escort cards don't have to be standard tent cards, there are plenty of fun and imaginative ways to escort your guests to their seats. These Ferrero Rocher chocolates with flags are both a yummy treat for your guests and an escort card that can easily be made using the blank cupcake sticks from our store.


Macaron Escort Cards


Using your escort cards as favours can be quite cost-effective as you save on the cost of a separate seating plan, place cards and favours. These macarons in simple acetate boxes look both delicious and elegant, plus they can easily be co-ordinated with your colour scheme!

Escort cards are a great way to introduce or a continue a theme throughout your wedding, such as these cute travel themed cards and signs.


Travel Themed Seating Plan


Reception drinks make great escort cards too, simply tie a luggage tag, clip a peg or pop a place card onto a glass of bubbly to guide your guests to their seats.



These glitter dipped feathers, available on our storemake for great little favours and escort cards and are ideal for weddings with a bird theme. Luggage tags can easily be tied on or the pointy end could poke through a small card with your guests name and table number printed on.



Photo: Kaysha Weiner


Try the escort card idea at your wedding and have fun introducing them to your friends and family!

Happy Wedlock Shopping!

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