Sizing Chart

Measurement Instructions


1: Bust: _____inch/cm

-Measure around the fullest part of the bust






2: Waist: _____inch/cm

-Firstly tie a piece of ribbon or string around the natural part of your waist. This would be your torso at the smallest point. Leave the string in place while you do the rest of your measurements as you will need it for reference with some of the other measurements


3: Hip: _____inch/cm

-Take the measurement around the hips at the fullest point, take note of how far down from the waist that you are measuring.


4: Length Shoulder to Bust: _____inch/cm

-Measure from the top of your shoulder to the nipple.

Shoulder To Bust

5: Front Length Shoulder to Waist: _____inch/cm

-Measuring from the same point on your shoulder, go down over the top of your nipple to the waist.

Shoulder To Waist

6: Outer Leg: _____inch/cm

-Measure from the string/ribbon around your waist to the floor.  Please ensure you have a shoe similar in height to those you intend to wear on your wedding day.

Outer Leg 

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